After Virtual

Groundhog Day marked the completion of the podcast series from the 2022 Front Porch Republic conference entitled After Virtual: The Art of Recovering Lost Goods. You can listen to all of the episodes at the links below:

The Church (Carl Trueman, Gregory Hogg, and Charlie Cotherman)

Education (Jeff Polet, Angel Adams Parham, and Jason Peters)

Keynote: Chris Arnade

Health (Adam Smith and Brian Volck)

Civic Life (Mark Mitchell, Rachel Ferguson, and Bill Kauffman)

Make your plans to attend the 2023 FPR conference in Madison, Wisconsin on October 21, 2023. (Note, this is a change from the first planned date you will see referenced in some of the podcast notes. Planners were looking at the wrong football schedule initially but have now found a weekend when the Badgers will be away.) Author Paul Kingsnorth will be the keynote speaker.


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