Republican Tree-Hugger

Lincoln Orange

Abe would care about creation, honestly.

John launched his vast media empire with the Republican Tree-Hugger blog in 2007.  Hardly anyone read it and after a conversation with a 94 year old monk, John kissed blogging goodbye in 2010.  He briefly pecked blogging on the cheek again when told by “everyone” that in order to get a book deal one must be a prolific blogger.   He’s since kissed blogging goodbye again, or at least moved whatever thoughts he simply must tell the world (that no one else deems worthy of publication) to this site.

His green GOP efforts, did, however, lead to a role as one of David Frum’s back-up singers at the now defunct (later renamed Frum Forum).  Some people actually read that blog.  More about that here.

For those who just can’t help themselves, the treehugging archive is still available.

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