Some Things Should be Cancelled.

We can simply respond to an over-reaching “cancel culture” with amplified resentment or we can use this moment as a time for reflection. If even Planned Parenthood can confess some of its sins, surely Christians can too. More here at The Stream.

[Note: sadly this outlet soon after my piece ran a piece featuring images of Confederate flags and a description of the tragic 2017 events in Charlottesville, Virginia as featuring a “large number of decent historic preservationists and a small band of white nationalists who engaged in violence.” The piece is a “satire” on the standards applied to Black Lives Matter protests, but the above description (at odds with the disturbing facts of those days) was not itself satirical. Distastefully, the piece was published one day before the anniversary of Heather Heyer’s murder.

The author of this piece has published other problematic work at the site, including a piece that analogized David French, a writer for whom I have much respect, to the Vichy collaborators with the Nazis. At the time, I struggled with whether to abandon the outlet, which was once quite Trump-skeptical and less incendiary when I began writing for it. Instead, I later submitted a piece affirming the humanity of even our political foes as way to bring some light to its readership.

Certainly, there are others, like George Yancey, who have published good work at The Stream. One editor even recently offered some mild push-back against the writer I’ve noted (though I wish he would examine his conclusions in light of the piece on David French).

So, again, I find myself wondering whether publishing with this outlet is bringing a needed message or if it has grown too extreme and I should walk away. Oddly, the fact that my most recent piece received largely negative comments and virtually no social media amplification suggests that maybe I should stick with it. This is definitely not a like-minded echo chamber on this issue, but perhaps some seeds were planted that will bear fruit later. Your prayers are appreciated as I attempt to best discern this situation.]


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